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 관리자   2009-02-19 17:14:19
 Survival Korean - download
Hello every one…
My name is Pascal Choe,I am a certified realtor in Itaewon, publish the “ Housing E
mbassy” which is specialized brochure for the expat. Who looking for a house or Apt
in Seoul. by the way,

My point is I also make a “ Survival Korean” which is one page leaflet, it shows y
ou; Korean ABC, how to read Korean and some survival Korean.
I began to make it for my clients to understand Korea better, however I realized tha
t some foreigner copied and kept it in their wallet. I am sure if you get it and 2ho
ur’s study or more you can begin to read traffic sign board or bus where to go. Of
course it is free.
Just down load attached file "Survival Korean"

Please survive and enjoy in Korea. ^^

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Agency --> www.HousingEmbassy.com
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